Injuries, Set backs and Updates


June 30, 2013 by CJ

Saturday June 15th I was supposed to be running the Baltimore 10 miler.  But I did not.  Some time ago, during my training, I started to notice a pain and stiffness in my ankle.  Well, it was more my right achilles (somewhere in that area). Each morning I was waking up in pain.  I’d stretch my ankle a bit, then head out for my run.  I wasn’t noticing the pain during my runs.  Mainly, post runs, after my shower or after sitting for a while.  Getting up and walking to the bathroom during work hours was tough.  Eventually, the pain would subside and I would go about my day.  But each day it took longer and longer for the pain to go away.  Until one day it didn’t.  I noticed it while running the Zooma 10k.  Somewhere around the halfway point, I started to feel the stiffness in my ankle/achilles.  I opted to ignore it again, but from that day on the stiffness just wouldn’t go away.  What made me take notice was when I rolled out of bed one morning to head out for my a.m. run and I couldn’t put pressure on my foot without excruciating pain.  It was then I opted to take that day off.

I was hoping a day off would be all that I needed, but I was wrong.  I took that day, the next, the following day.  I decided I’d stop running and see how my ankle area felt after a week.  If it was still super stiff and painful, I’d see a doctor.  Fortunately, the pain subsided.  With the help of goggle, blog reading and all my years of knowing my body, I self diagnosed myself with a heel spur or plantar fasciitis. 😦

I plan on going to the doctor to get this checked out…as soon as I get back from vacation.

So yeah, a bit of a set back with my running.  I’m not going to allow myself to get too upset about this.  From what I understand it’s not the end of the world.  I haven’t completely stopped running.  I’m just not doing the distance I’d prefer, but if I couldn’t get a couple of miles in each week, I think I’d go crazy.

I haven’t done an update in a while, so why not now.

  1. Exercise at least 3 days a week– Aside from the time I took off I’ve been pretty good with my running.  I really should incorporate some other exercises.
  2. Get a facial or massage at least once every 6 weeks–  I’ve been really good with this, shocked??  I had to reschedule my June session because of kid’s activities, but I didn’t cancel, just rescheduled and I’m pretty happy I stayed with it.
  3. Run faster– This month has been slower than all previous months.  I blame that on my foot and the heat.  It’s been crazy hot and humid.  One of the things that have stayed in my brain from the Jeff Galloway book I read, “Half-Marathon You Can do it” was a section about temperatures and running. Slow it down!  And yes, I have been slowing it down.  I hope once the weather cools, I’ll be a faster runner…I hope
  4. Blog at least once per week- I started this month strong, but fell behind.  Eventually, I will get there.
  5. To embrace the natural me – I still haven’t blogged about this.  Damn!  I really need to get on it.

Until next update-wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Injuries, Set backs and Updates

  1. Jill says:

    Oh hell. I’m right there with you with that plantar fasciitis self-diagnosis (my appt is next Friday). Hope we BOTH feel better soon.

  2. Good luck with the ankle! Hope you’re back in fine form very soon!!

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