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June 13, 2013 by CJ

My frustration with my clothing reached it’s peak a few weeks back.  My husband suggested we go out to a movie, simple enough.  But I couldn’t find anything to wear.  I’ve gained and lost weight throughout the years and nothing seems to fit just right or comfortable.  I wear business casual for work and when I’m home my style is currently, old tshirt and sweats.  So, when it comes to a night out with my husband or even friends my options are business casual/old tshirt and jeans look…I need help!  I started thinking, maybe I should try out a few online styling services.

The first one I saw is called Cakestyle.  I loved the idea of it, fill out some information about yourself, get connected to a stylist, then a box of clothes show up at your door.  Try all the clothes on, keep what you want, send back what you don’t.  If you keep the entire box you get a 25% discount.  What stopped me from going for it was the cost.  The average price per item is around $200.00.  Maybe one day I’ll do that, but since I’m in a state of flux with my weight (meaning not the size I want to settle on), I just can’t see spending that kind of money on something that I’m not going to wear until it falls off of me.  After reading a few reviews about Cakestyle, I was turned onto Stitchfix, this seemed more my price point.  I signed up, only to be added to a waiting list (I signed up on May 17 or 18…still waiting), so I kept looking.  From there I found Keaton Row and Stylit.  Both seemed to be within my price range.  Both have similar structure, complete an online profile, answer a few questions, tell them about what you like and don’t like and then you’ll be matched to a stylist.  With these services, it appears you buy the items you like first, they send it to you, then you can try it all on, if you don’t like it, send it back for no charge.  I’ve signed up for both.  I guess this means I’m adding something new to my list…update my wardrobe.

I heard back from Keaton Row first and was so very excited.  They sent me an email asking me to pick a stylist.  I was given a choice of 3.  I was provided their profile which included their inspirations, some of their favorite looks and a few questions about them.  I had a difficult time picking one of the three.  There is also an option to not pick any of them and wait as they determine another group to send you.  But after reading the profiles, I came back to one that was a blogger, Samantha Peterson.  I went to her blog, and read a couple posts, then went to her “about” page and this is where my mind was made up, “She loves finding classic, chic, & affordable pieces for the woman on a budget. She believes women should never sacrifice their personal style to confirm to the mundane office “dress codes.””  After selecting my stylist, I was sent an email from her letting me know she was working on my lookbook.  She said it would take 2-4 days.  I expected 4, boy was I shocked when I heard back just 2 days later.  I was even more impressed that I LOVED all the looks she set up for me (8 different looks).  In the email telling me she completed my looks, she asked me to let her know if there are any areas I want to change, price, look, color, whatever, she would work with me to ensure my happiness.  Since I loved just about everything, I requested another lookbook for an upcoming vacation.  I just wish my budget would allow me to purchase everything at once.  I’ve picked up a few items already.  I plan on getting just about everything.

Stylit is a bit different.  I believe they use a team of stylists.  They send two different outfits, every Thursday.  You can click on the various pieces and be directed to the website to purchase the items.  I like getting new options weekly.  What I really like about this service is not only do they offer matching ipad covers, but they also suggest makeup to go with your outfit.  I have yet to purchase anything with Stylit.  But the recent looks they’ve sent my way have me wanting to open a new credit card!

There are other sites out there.  Currently, I am very happy with Keaton Row and Stylit.  I think I enjoy the more personal touch that I get with Keaton Row and my stylist Samantha.  I like being able to email her and tell her what I want and what I am looking for.  BUT I have no plans on closing my Stylit account.  They just sent me the cutest summer dress, I hear it calling my name.

5 thoughts on “Update My Wardrobe

  1. Anna says:


  2. Oh yes, I’m using StitchFix now and they are really good. The first shipment I received, I bought the entire box because it was affordable, close enough to my style but still something different for me, and comfortable.
    My dream come true would be to go into a store called “Naomi’s store” where every single thing fits and is perfect for me. I absolutely hate shopping because I too don’t have much time and have wavered in sizes recently.
    I wish you luck!!

    • CJ says:

      I cannot wait to get my first fix. Just about everything I’ve seen and read about them sounds great. I’ll definitely post once I get my first box. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Amy says:

    I have recently been accepted to be an online personal stylist with Keaton Row. It seems likes it could actually work out. I am a suddenly single mother so I was in desperate need to find something. Now all that I need are clients. If, after reading this article you are thinking about trying Keaton Row please consider giving me an opportunity to create a complimentary Lookbook for you. You are under no obligation to buy anything. You only pay for the items you choose to buy- and the prices are exactly the same through Keaton Row as through the retailer. Prices are synced with each Retail website, so the current price of items (even when they are on sale or clearance) is reflected on the Keaton Row website.
    Simply sign up on my Stylist Profile at http://keatonrow.com/amybunner to get a complimentary styling session. If you think you have what it takes to be a Keaton Row Personal Stylist yourself you can apply through that link as well. If you’re interested or have any questions, shoot me an email. 342yma@gmail.com

    Yours in Style

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