Slacker <—– Kinda


February 21, 2012 by CJ

I feel as if I’ve been a slacker when it comes to my 50 things. It’s not from lack of actually doing, to be honest I’ve done quite a bit. But finding the time to write isn’t always the easiest thing. Therefore I think it’s time for a quickie wrap up.

#14 Lunch with Siblings. No, I have not had a meal with them, but I did have a very long, open and honest conversation with the two of them (not at the same time). We were really able to talk and open up and most importantly forgive. There’s so much more I can write about this, but I’ll save that for another day. I just want to say, after the talk I told my brother that I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. The odd thing, it was a weight I did not know I was even carrying around. Forgiving…feels good.

#16 For 2012 I’m 2 for 2 on maintaining my Girls Night Out with Kimi and Kristi. In January we went to Hickory Ridge Grill. I highly recommend the Yeeroe Platter. In February we opted for brunch at Little Havana. I may have mentioned the brunch in a previous post. Let’s just say crab omelet and unlimited mimosas, YUMMMMMM!

Bottomless Pitcher of Mimosas...mmm could use one now

Crab omelet-DELISH!!

#17 A few weeks back I met up with a high school classmate, Camille. We decided to get together for lunch and reconnect. It was fabulous. It reminded me why we were friends so long ago. She’s real, honest and doesn’t judge. I’m looking forward to getting together with her again, maybe next time we’ll bring the kids along.

#22 Run weekly. I have been doing that and today I had a super fantastic moment. I was doing my 3 minute run/2 minute walk and I found myself at my usual turnaround spot (for those that are new I run/walk 15 minutes from my house, turn around and run/walk 15 minutes back). I looked down at my iphone and I still had 3 minutes to go! I got to my turnaround spot early and I felt great! YAY for me!!!!! The only downside is on the way back shin splints slowed me down a bit. I really need to stretch.

#33 Run the Baltimore 10 Miler-I signed up today. That’s step 1, right?

I only signed up to get this. Source:


That’s it for now. I could probably write a post for each of these things and maybe I will one day…

2 thoughts on “Slacker <—– Kinda

  1. Great job on getting through your list. AND, wow, the 10-miler! How exciting. You’ll be running farther than me in no time. 🙂

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