#32- Rocking Chair


February 13, 2012 by CJ

After a very fabulous weekend, my son’s buzzer beater basketball game (his team won Fear the Turtle), brunch with friends I haven’t seen in over a year, dinner made by the husband while I napped (did I mention brunch included bottomless mimosas), and movie night in an actual movie theater, I am home sick. Unfortunately I am not alone with this illness, my daughter is home sick too. I’ve decided to take this time and look over my list of 50 things.

After a quick glance at my list my eyes landed on #32, Make a Love List. What is a Love List? I thought I had established a proper link to the blog where I saw it, but upon clicking the link…it’s not there (I found it and fixed the link!) . Oh well, I guess I need to explain in my own words.

I read a blog awhile back, the writer went around her home and took pictures of all the things she loved. I thought it was a great idea. Sometimes you don’t go through the things you collect over time until it’s time to move it or something has happened to it or the person that gave it to you. Then there are just things you have and for absolutely no reason you adore it. There is no shame in that.

As I sat there with #32 rolling around in my mind, I found myself staring at a rocking chair.

My Rocking Chair

This was given to me by my mother when I was pregnant with the twins. It weighs a little over 1000 lbs. Maybe not exactly 1000, more like 987 or some thing like that. My father purchased this for my mother when she was pregnant with me.

Yup, that's me

I don’t think it was new then, so this chair is at least 38 years old. Furniture, back in the day, wasn’t made for ease of movement. It was made to last, and last it sure has. It has some cuts and scrapes on it and a few battle scars.

When I was 1 or 2 I was required to wear shoes with a metal bar connecting my feet together...some odd cure for pigeon toe-ism.

I spent many hours laying on the floor banging that metal bar on this chair.

I love this chair. Besides my own childhood memories, I have great moments with my own children in it. Rocking babies to sleep, feeding a fussy infant, reading books, rocking waaay to hard just to make little kids giggle. My son, while crawling, found himself under this rocking chair. He put his little head down to crawl under there, but I couldn’t explain to him to put his head back down and crawl out. When I tried to hold his head down and pull him out, the screams were unbearable. So I laid there next to him, read him a book and he eventually fell asleep and then I pulled him out. I am looking forward to rocking my grandchildren to sleep in this chair and if I am so blessed my great-grandchildren.

2 thoughts on “#32- Rocking Chair

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