Not Available at Hallmark**


February 7, 2012 by CJ

My husband’s birthday passed some weeks back. He turned 39. My husband is a hard worker. He owns a small vehicle maintenance company and in his free time he enjoys listening to records (he has quite the collection). We had a small celebration at the house, just the family. I was cleaning up this evening and on the table sat a card my son made for my husband. I should first say I have a few rules when it comes to cards.

  1. We don’t buy cards for people who can’t read
  2. Until the kids (they are 10, yes twins) have a job, they make the cards they give to family members

As I reread these cards our children made, it reaffirmed my decision so many years back, that homemade cards are invaluable. Aside from the improper use of the word “your”, they are the most perfect cards I have ever seen.

The front of the card

From my son

From my daughter

**This has nothing to do with my 50 things, just something I wanted to share

5 thoughts on “Not Available at Hallmark**

  1. Dienna says:

    I like that the kids make homemade cards. It encourages them to be creative.

  2. slowrunnings says:

    Best birthday card I ever received? Handmade from my nieces and nephew. In it, I was called, and I quote, “the best aunt ever”. Don’t know how official that status is, but I know I’ll treasure it forever.

  3. Stride & Joy says:

    Those are priceless! Much more personal than anything you could get in the store. I like your card rules!

  4. Kay Aichess says:

    Such wonderful cards and MUCH more personal than Hallmark. Plus the money you save on cards could go to buying something awesome for everyone to enjoy.

  5. […] made the gifts while in Florida with their grandmother. I posted once before how much I LOVE homemade gifts from the heart. For the first time, since I think they […]

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