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February 18, 2012 by CJ

Water dandy on Pinterest

Water dandy on Pinterest (Photo credit: dabblelicious)

I was searching the blog world, like I do when I have a free moment.  Wait, lets back this up BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.  When I search blogs I look for certain subjects based on which blogger I happen to be at the moment.  Most times I read and search based on the 50 Things before 50, but then I have days when I search under This Week at the Wine Store (my other blog about, you guessed it WINE).  Anyhoo, while I had my wine hat on I stumbled upon a blog called Make Time.  The post in particular was about making time to enjoy the little things.  In this post the author talks about trying to figure out what Pinterest was.  I admit, I had seen the notes on facebook, the comments on Twitter, people are talking about this thing called Pinterest and I had no clue what it was or how it worked.

After reading this post, I decided to take a look-see for myself and requested to join.  I was shocked when I rolled over this morning and saw an email subject that read:

You’ve Been Invited to Join Pinterest

Invite in hand I felt as if I had just received my diamond encrusted, 14 carat gold-plated Super Sweet Sixteen invite from the most popular girl in high school.  I jumped onto the site and then sat dumbfounded…what was I supposed to do?  I took a quick look around and signed up.  I decided I shared enough pics of my life on facebook, so I would use Pinterest for my wine blog.  Pictures of the wines I drink…yeah, that sounds fascinating.  I really do not know or understand this pinterest thing and because of that I feel old and outdated, despite having a pin page or whatever they call it.

If you are like me and want to be in with the cool kids (only if you define cool as people who post pictures of stuff they like) but lack an invite don’t worry, I got an in.  Just ask and I’ll send you one.  Want to see my page? Check it out.  Not really sure what you or anyone else will get from it, but hey, I didn’t quite get facebook back in the day either.

5 thoughts on “Pinning on Pinterest

  1. I’ve also just popped on to Pintrest to try it out. Looks pretty, but, I agree, not sure if it’s useful for anything yet! Guess time will tell. Who knows, this time next year it may have overtaken the internet. 🙂

  2. EatRunGirl says:

    I LOVE Pinterest!! I am addicted. Give it a chance, you will love it!

    • CJ says:

      What made me give it a peek was because so many people raved about it. I’m giving it a chance, who knows I may be addicted soon. 🙂

  3. marjulo says:

    I just joined Pinterest this week also. Another blogger I read had posted a recipe there. I couldn’t figure it out either, but waited for an invite like you did. Now that I’m there, I still haven’t quite got it. although I have pinned.

  4. […] put together ahead of time, and freeze.  Then I started using my pinterest page ( I signed up for Pinterest over a year ago and never really understood what I was supposed to do with it), now I finally got […]

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