Organize Pantry -Shelf 4 & 5


January 31, 2015 by CJ

Sorry on the delay in getting this out to you.  As always my busy, hectic life gets in the way.  I’ll finish this pantry thing up with the last two shelves.  Since it’s been awhile here are links to shelf one, two and three.

Shelf four and five, well, they were pretty bad.

Shelf Four

Shelf Four

Shelf Four

Shelf Four


Shelf Five- Notice the care of Ramen noodles? My kids LOVE this stuff


Shelf Five

Shelf Five

As you can see, it was a real mess.  But again, after taking everything off each shelf, going through it, tossing what we no longer needed and finding a place for what we do need, I got the last two shelves in order.

As of today, this is what the last two shelves in my pantry look like.

Shelf Four

Shelf Four



Shelf Five

Shelf Five

In the Shelf Five picture, you can see I took those cases of ramen, tossed the carton and placed them into a container on the 3rd shelf.  I’m not happy with the grocery bags in the corner, but I haven’t found what I want to keep them in.  Don’t fret, I use recycled grocery bags at my local grocery store.  But sometimes, we don’t always have the bags with us.  We do reuse these bags quite often.  One other thing, the plastic tub of cups.  One thing that had been driving me insane was lack of space in cabinets.  We had a ton of water bottles.  Every event one of us attends, there seems to be a water bottle/cup of some sort involved.  We reuse these often, but not often enough to take up space in my cabinet.  Keeping them in this bin makes it easy for us to find one when we need one and frees up much-needed space.

The week I cleaned out my pantry, I wasn’t really sure how long this would last.  So far it made it till the end of the month and I could not be happier.  Currently, I am planning on doing this twice a year.  I’ll be on the lookout for ways to update and keep my pantry clean and organized.

2 thoughts on “Organize Pantry -Shelf 4 & 5

  1. Jill says:

    Stuff those plastic bags in an old tissue box or an old Clorox wipes container!

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