June 1, 2014 by CJ

The last time I posted it was April, so yeah, I’ve been missing.  I wish I had a grand story of what was going on in my life, but I don’t.  I’ve been a busy mom, that’s pretty much it.  My daughter plays AAU basketball, which means she plays in a tournament every weekend, 2-3 games per weekend, let’s just say we are busy.  Seeing a new month roll in I started to feel guilty about not keeping up.  I have actually completed something on my list and I haven’t posted an update on my 30 day of challenges.  Now it’s time to get back into this blog thing.

First things first, my challenges- April’s challenge, 50 Miles in a month.  FAILED.  I could have done it, but we took the kids to Florida over spring break and instead of starting my day with a run, like I thought I would, I ended up starting my day by rolling over in the bed.  May’s challenge, Run a 10k once a week.  FAILED.  When I thought up this challenge I had planned on training to run the Zooma 10k (a race I’ve run for the past 2 years).  I figured by May, I’d be in the position, from training, to run 6.2 miles each week.  But since I decided not to run that race or any race this year, I didn’t think it was a smart move to go from 3 miles at one time to 6.  Instead I ran at least one long run each week.  That long run often consisted of 3-4 miles, not 6, but it was something.  Maybe I won’t consider May a complete failure.

Now we are into June, my challenge for this month is 30 days of T25 workout.  I would like to do that, but I neglected to order the DVDs. Instead, I’ve decided to change the challenge.  One of the things I am completely addicted to is my FitBit.  Fitbit is a band that I wear around my wrist, it monitors the amount of steps I take and calories burned.  I can also input what I eat each day and get a real idea my diet (input and output).  I purchased it around the end of March and quickly realized just how sedentary my days can be. I decided to change the challenge to increase the amount of steps I take each week.

My June goal is to increase the average amount of steps I take each week by 500 steps.  I went back into my history and found the average amount of steps for each week in April and May.  For days 1-7 in April I took 42,608 steps, in May 45,350 steps.  The average is 43,979, my goal for days 1-7 will be to take 44,479 steps, 500 more than my average for the last two months.  I’ll recalculate for week two.

Do you have any goals for the month of June??

4 thoughts on “M.I.A

  1. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    YGYAB!!! (Yay Glad You Are Back)!!!

  2. […] you read my earlier post, you know I changed my challenge for this month.  Instead of doing the T25 routine, I decided to […]

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