How Many Steps Have You Taken?

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June 8, 2014 by CJ

If you read my earlier post, you know I changed my challenge for this month.  Instead of doing the T25 routine, I decided to push myself to add 500 steps per day.  I took the weekly average from April and May and then added 500, to determine my daily goal.  For days 1-7 in June, I wanted to have an average of 6783 steps. After doing the math, I averaged 6048 steps this week.  Close but not on the mark.  I admit, I slacked a few days.  I need to make it up by the end of this month.

For days 8-14, my goal steps are 8906.  This seems about right.  It’s usually around week 2 of every month that I get myself together and workout with some regularity.  Some of the things I plan to do differently this week:

  • Park farther away from the door, any door.  If I’m going to the store, I won’t search for a parking space up close, instead, I’ll be the one parked in the back of the lot.
  • I worked out 3 days last week, my goal this week, at least 4 days
  • If I don’t have the steps by the time I get home from work, then I’ll have to take it outside, no matter how tired I am.  Just got to do it.

Wish me luck!

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