My December Birchbox


December 24, 2013 by CJ

This month I have been slacking when it comes to my blog posts about my subscription boxes.  Part of the reason was because of the holidays.  December sneaks up on me every year.  This year, like years past, I waited and spent 3 days getting all my shopping done.  The reason it takes me 3 days is because I like to get to the mall, or Target or wherever I plan to do my shopping as soon as the place opens.  I take the day off from work, wake up early, park in the front row and shop.  Around 12 or so, I call it quits.  by then, the Christmas spirit has left me.  The mall is crowded, my personal space has been invaded and I’m irritable.  I pick up something to eat and head home.  Once I get home I go over my items and receipts.  I try hard to stay on budget during the holiday season.  Once I cross names off my list, make sure my budget is intact, I plan for the next trip.  I’m sure there are easier, smarter ways to shop for the holidays, but this works for me.  One of these days I’m going to get my shopping done early, one of these days.

Anyway, those are my reasons for slacking this month.  Onto the reason you clicked to read this post, my December Birchbox!


Pretty box this month! Love that they changed it up for the holidays


Beauty Protector– Protect and Detangle -When I first saw this, I didn’t think it was something I would use.  After I read about it, I decided I’d give it a chance as a detangler.  A part of me is actually looking forward to giving it a try.  Value: @$5.48


La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipe– Who doesn’t need a makeup remover wipe every once in a while.  Will definitely be putting these to use. Value: $.62


Laqa & Co Lil’Lip Duo–  I received Ring of Fire.  I don’t think this is really my color, a bit too red for me.  I think I will be adding this to a Christmas gift. Value: $8.00


The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm– Value: $3.24

Twistband Hair Ties– Value: $2.00

I LOVE these 2 items.  I already subscribe to Honest Company’s Bundle and Save monthly shipments.  Looking forward to giving this a try, and hopefully adding it to my bundle soon!  The hair ties, my daughter loves.  Cute to wear around her wrist and doesn’t rip her hair out.  Win/Win!!

Overall I’m not jumping through hoops for this box.  I paid $10 and received approximately $19.34 worth of items, not too shabby.

Did you get this month’s Birchbox?  What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “My December Birchbox

  1. paulaacton says:

    I am finding I am actually loving several of the things in my Glossybox this month to the point where I am going to be buying them again and even more surprising they are things I would never have picked up before

    • CJ says:

      I love when I get something in a subscription box that I love but would have never known about. I think that is why I keep trudging along with them. 🙂

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