Shouldn’t Be So Happy to Spend $$

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February 20, 2014 by CJ

But I am.  I received an email letting me know it was Julep Maven selection time!  YAY!!!  Since one of my goals is to grow my fingernails, I’ve been pretty consistent with keeping them polished.  Julep helps a ton.  Each week I get excited to wipe off the old color and add something new.  I have yet to wear all of my colors and I keep collecting more.  This month, I did it again, I said yes to my March Julep box.

Not only did I say yes, I added two new colors and a base and top coat.  I use their top coat now and I have been wanting to try the Oxygen Nail treatment.  When I saw the combo for an additional $19.99, how could I say no?

julep feb

Four polishes, lip gloss, nail tool, nail treatment and top coat.  I’ll be honest, I spent more than I would normally.  I’m pretty sure I won’t regret it…pretty sure.

Did you select a Julep box this month?  What did you get?

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