Organize Pantry- Shelf One


January 15, 2015 by CJ

I realize that I have not posted a picture of my new clean and organized pantry.  Truth be told, I haven’t finished the pantry yet.  Honestly, I’m not sure it’ll ever be “completed”  Every time I believe I have it set up the way I like it and the way my family uses it, I find myself moving things around, adjusting, shifting, changing…  I’ve come to accept this will be my never-ending project.

I originally set about getting this pantry taken care of by cleaning one shelf per day.  Day one was the top shelf.


Day 1 Top Shelf BEFORE

I pulled everything off of the shelf.


I found a basket, cookbooks, plastic cups (which made me want to bang my head on a wall since I am always going out to buy new cups whenever we entertain) printed recipes, Halloween candy and napkins, a small cooler, lunch bad and a table runner that I purchased 3-4 years ago!!  I decided to recycle what I could, put all the Halloween stuff together (I opted to put it all together in the back of the shelf, where I wouldn’t forget where it was), and keep the cookbooks we still referred to.

The right side

The right side

Left side

Left side-Found a use for the cute basket I found

I placed my cookbooks up front so they could be seen and I could grab them with ease.  I placed the paper towels up front also, for the same reason.  I pushed candy, paper plates and cups in the back of the shelf.  I placed the runner in the front so I could see it and use it!  Don’t want to hide it for another couple of years.  I have to admit, I wasn’t 100% happy with the result.  Each day when I cleaned off another shelf, I adjusted the top shelf, as you will see in upcoming posts and photos.




















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