Getting Organized Week 2-Table and Blankets

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January 11, 2015 by CJ

This week is a relatively easy week for me.  What I need to do is wash the throw blankets in my living room.  In my home the living room is where we gather as a family.  We watch television, talk, laugh , do homework, write blog, you name it, we do it in the living room and more often than not, we have a blanket wrapped around us.  If you live on the east coast, I’m sure you probably have a number of blankets wrapped around you this winter.

I have this on my calendar to do every 8 weeks.  I guesstimate 8 weeks will be enough.  In the past, I’d grab them up to wash only if I remembered or if something spilled or there was a smell. I think once every 2 months will be enough, but if not I’ll adjust it.

Fortunately, for me this task only takes an hour at the most.  I do have another item on my to-do list for this week and that is my kitchen table.  This is something that I have scheduled to do once a month.  Our kitchen table happens to be the place where the mail lands and never seems to move.  For me, there is always something in the mail that I don’t have time to look at and want to put aside until I have that moment to flip through the catalog, or make that donation.  These items land in a pile on the corner of the table, not to be removed until we have guests or someone gets fed up with the pile.  My plan is to go through this pile at least once a month and give the table a good cleaning (since my kids never seem to be able to wipe up crumbs or notice sticky spots).   I also understand that I need to get organized with my mail.  That is my plan too.  I need to recycle junk, place bills where they will be seen, paid, then shredded, and find a place for those items that I want to take my time going over at a later date.

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