Planks Schmanks

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March 5, 2014 by CJ

These suckers hurt.  Last night I did 30 second planks for the second time.  Now, if you are a planking expert, do you remember your first time?  Body shaking, heavy breathing, beads of sweat forming around the crown of my head…and that was just the first two days of 20 second planks!  If you are new to planking or have ever struggled through a few seconds, I’m talking to you.  Who knew 30 seconds would seem like 30 minutes when you are prone, holding your body up on your elbows and toes.

I told a co-worker, if I had known how difficult it was I would have cut the time in half.  But since I’ve started, I am committed to pushing through.  One thing I do like is how my abdomen feels when I am done.  It’s tight and strong.  I feel like if I keep this up I can probably take 1/2 inch or more off my belly.  As much as I hate planking, I enjoy the feeling afterward, it’s like running.  I hate running 98% of the time, but LOVE how I feel after a run.  LOVE surpassing my goals and feeling great.  I guess it isn’t all that shocking that pushing through this plank challenge is somewhat enjoyable.

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