My Sixth Fix!!


March 3, 2014 by CJ

When I received my email from Stitch Fix letting me know my fix was on its way, I had to take a peek.  Five items, one scarf, one dress and the rest tops, not too bad.  I was looking forward to checking out my new items.


I actually liked the look of just about everything in my box.  Then, I tried everything on.  I promised myself to only keep the items I loved.  I have more than enough things in my closet that I will wear “someday”.


41Hawthorn Tess Abstract Butterfly Print Scarf


I don’t typically buy scarves.  Not because I don’t want them, but because I get overwhelmed in the store.  I decided to get my mother and aunts scarves for Christmas and spent over an hour in the store trying to figure out which one to give which person.  I am so happy Stitch Fix sent me one, takes the stress off of me and I think it is beautiful!


41Hawthorn Nanette Striped Lurex Detail Jacket


  LOVED this jacket.  But if you have read my last review, you know I don’t fit well into 41Hawthorn clothing.  Unfortunately, this jacket was no different.  Once I zipped her up I felt that hulkish feeling.  If I sneezed, the jacket would rip into shreds.  I spent some time thinking about getting it and just leaving it unzipped, it’s definitely cute enough to wear that way.  But for $88.00, it should fit perfectly.


41Hawthorn Cordova Chevron Cross-Front Dress


I so wanted this dress to be a keeper.  My issue was where the black band hit my waist.  It just didn’t look right to me.  After I adjusted a few times and stood perfectly still, it looked fantastic!  I call this dress an “if only”.  If only clothes are those clothing items that would be perfect if only you lost a pound or ten, if only you stood at an 45 degree angle on a hill, if only the event was in candlelight.  I have way to many of those items in my closet.


Fun2Fun Trinidad Chevron Striped Henley Blouse


 This was another that I wanted to love.  Regrettably, it was too tight around my chest.


Pomelo Lucia Embroidered V-Neck Jersey Top


Neon orange and denim…nah not for me.  My 12-year-old daughter fell in love with this top.  I would have kept it for her, but it is $58.  Not sure about the 12-year-old girls in your life, but this one spills just about everything down the front of her.  That alone makes buying a $58 shirt for her an easy NO.

  Overall, I am pleased with my fix this month.  I would have loved to keep more items, maybe next time.  I’m thrilled with my scarf.  I plan on wearing this at least once a week.  I requested to skip my March shipment (this was my February shipment, I receive them at the end of the month).  I’m hoping my April shipment will have cute sundresses and awesome spring/summer tops.

Interested in trying Stitch Fix?  Please feel free to use my referral link.  Let me know your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “My Sixth Fix!!

  1. Jenn says:

    That scarf is so pretty! May I ask how much they wanted for it?

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