And So it Begins


January 1, 2014 by CJ

It’s 2014 and like millions of people out there I am looking at this year to make a new me.  Well, maybe not a new me, maybe just a better me.  What I’d like to accomplish is to get healthier.  I plan on doing this by exercising more, running regularly, and eating better.  I have my 12 Thirty Day Challenges to help me with those goals.  Along with those things, there are a few other goals I’d love to accomplish this year.

  • I would also love to lose a few pounds (52 sound good for a year.  It’s about a pound a week, should be doable)
  • Read daily
  • Blog more (According to WordPress I had 69 posts in 2013, let’s aim a little higher this year)
  • Lower my blood pressure (it’s stable now that I am on medication, but I’d love to get off the medication one day)
  • Save $1000 this year
  • Get my new company up and running (A new venture I decided to try after looking and not finding something like it out there.  I promise to go into more details)

It seems like a lot, maybe it is.  I believe accomplishing these things will lead to a better, improved me.  I was not able to accomplish all my goals for 2013, but I did take a huge step in the right direction.

What are your plans for 2014?

2 thoughts on “And So it Begins

  1. buildingformyfuture says:

    Love your goals!!! You need to keep blogging and let us know how you do! I know you will accomplish them all 🙂

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