The Order of My Challenges


December 20, 2013 by CJ

I figured it out…well I think I did.  As some may know, I decided to take on 12, 30 day challenges for the 2014 year.  After looking over which month I’ll be travelling for work and pleasure and where I may be going, I think I have figured out which month I’ll be doing certain challenges:

January- Complete the Firm Express workout- Ordered this the other day and I’m super excited!!

February- No meat

March-30 Day Plank Challenge

April- Run 50 miles

May- Run a 10k once a week

June- 30 days of T25 Workout

July- Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day

August- At least 1 green drink a day

September-Take a minimum of 3 yoga and or pilates classes per week

October- Paleo diet

November-  30 day shred in 30 days

December- Minimum 80 oz of water per day




5 thoughts on “The Order of My Challenges

  1. […] explain a little, if you are new to my blog.  I decided to challenge myself in 2014 and complete 12 thirty day challenges and for January my plan is to complete the Firm Express workout […]

  2. […] decided I am going to redo this 4 week routine during the month of February, while going meat free.  I know I originally said I was only going to do this for the month of January, but I’ve […]

  3. […] out three days a week, was my goal and I can easily say goal accomplished!  I completed the first 30 day challenge and discovered that I absolutely adore the Firm Express workout.  I completed the first month […]

  4. […] things first, my challenges- April’s challenge, 50 Miles in a month.  FAILED.  I could have done it, but we took the kids to Florida over spring […]

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