October One Radiant Box

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November 18, 2013 by CJ

This was my final One Radiant Box.  One Radiant subscriptions are three months at a time, for $36.00 you get one box shipped to you for three months.  I admit I was left feeling a bit off with my September box.  It was full of moisturizers, and with my oily skin, I just felt I didn’t need a box full of heavy skin moisturizers.  But I did find myself going back to and squeezing out the very last bits of The pH Advantage -AM Facial multi-complex SPF 20 from my August box.

This is a must buy for me.  LOVE this stuff

This is a must buy for me. LOVE this stuff

After going through my September box, I logged into my One Radiant account and redid my Skin Survey.  Then I sat back and waited for my next box.  That was the smartest thing I did.  My October box, the final of the three, is the best one to date.

One Radiant 20131102-094541.jpg

Astara Skin Care 20131102-094513.jpg

Astara Skin Care- Blue Flame Purification Mask-  This stuff is amazing!!  From the site: “Astara’s light purifying treatment mask instantly penetrates skin to deliver bacteria-fighting Totara Tree essence and Tea Tree extract to clogged, oily and blemished areas. The formula helps restore clarity, sooth inflammation and reduce excess sebum. Mushroom and Yeast extracts help tighten tissue and stimulate natural oxygenation to minimize discolorations from blemishes.”  I agree 100% with what the website states. It left my skin feeling great.  It tingled when I put it on and once I used all of it (took about 1.5 weeks), I missed it!  Looking forward to buying this.

triacneal 20131102-094557.jpg

Avene TriAcneal- This stuff is the real deal.  I used this during the second week and would put this on after I applied the Blue Flame Purification mask.  Tingles after tingles!  If you suffer from acne, you will like this.  I light tingling, but never burning or itching and it didn’t leave my skin feeling overly dry.  After applying, I noticed the next day it seemed to have brought all my under the skin problems to the surface.  Some may not like that, but I sure did.  I like to get it out and get to maintaining clean, beautiful skin.


M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer- Full size price $34 I like this.  Even with oily skin, after I wash my face, my skin does feel tight.  I know, from experience, that this tightness causes my skin to be even oilier.  That’s where a good moisturizer does its job.  And this, M2 is a good moisturizer, lightweight, my skin feel soft and supple, never clogged or greasy.


NIA24 Skin strengthening Complex Full Size $85

 This is one of those products that I thin you need more than a week to try.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked it.  I applied morning and before bed, after cleansing and treatments.  Can’t say I noticed much.  It didn’t leave me feeling oily or greasy, a little went a long way…but for $85, I want to see something more.  I can get that for less.  The sample provided has a lot left in it, so I’m going to keep using it until it’s gone.  Maybe after more uses I can see if there is a difference.


Pangea Organics Australian Wild Plum & Willow Facial Cleaner Full Size $28.00- I found this facial cleaner to work effectively.  My face felt clean and not overly dry.  The samples only lasted me two days.  I admit, next time I’m in the market for some more facial cleanser, I will definitely think about picking up a bottle of PangeaI have to admit, I feel odd no longer having a skincare subscription.

I was debating signing up for another 3 months with One Radiant, but then I remembered that I wanted to try Mirenesse.  And that’s what I have done.  I’ll share all the details when I get my first box.

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