Goal Check for October

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November 9, 2013 by CJ

  1. Exercise at least 3 days a week– I started the month off slowly, when it came to my workouts.  I was able to slowly hop back on track.  I haven’t been running, just doing my videos.  But I’m feeling like a run is around the corner
  2. Get a facial or massage at least once every 6 weeks– I was forced to reschedule my facial for October.  I was very bummed about that and my face is not happy with me.  I am scheduled for one this month and only broken bones will keep me from it
  3. Run faster– There was no running last month.  Maybe, this month??
  4. Blog at least once per week– Check!
  5. To embrace the natural me – I’m working on a post detailing my routine.

October was a productive month for me.  I feel as if I am getting back to a routine.  Daylight savings helped me get back into my morning workout regimen.  My goal is to keep it up for the at least, the rest of this year.  I am working out a budget and plan to save money and I’m getting the itch to run.  Overall, I am good with these steps.

How are you doing with your goals??


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