My October Phone Case


October 26, 2013 by CJ

Unlike previous months, I was a little anxious to get my phone case this time around.  For the past couple of months (August and September), phone case of the month have sent me cute, durable, and fun phone cases.  I was sure I’d get the same this month, but I was worried, because I recently upgraded my phone.

My husband and I broke down and gave the twins our old iPhones for their birthday.  When I did that, I upgraded to the new iPhone.  My biggest concern was that I now needed a new phone case.  I logged onto their site, once I returned home.  Two or three clicks later, I changed logged into my account and changed my phone.  It was just that easy.  That worried me, it was too easy.  Did I miss something?  Should I call or email someone about this?  I decided I’d wait.  Once I got the wrong phone, then I’d contact their customer service.  I was thinking, at least it would give me something to blog about, their outstanding service or horrible one.

My case came just the other day.  Guess what?  No need to call anyone.  They got it right!!


Fits my phone perfectly.


Love this case!

Have you tried Phone Case of the month?  For just $10 you get a new case sent to you every month.  If you use my link, you’ll get a $5.00 credit to your account.

2 thoughts on “My October Phone Case

  1. […] can see a huge difference from the first picture to this one (like that phone case?).  I could stop here, but I believe in deep conditioning my hair […]

  2. […]  So far I’ve received 5 cases from them (including this month).  August, September, October and November, all quality, sturdy, excellent, limited edition […]

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