30 Meals in One Day

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October 25, 2013 by CJ

One of the things I recently added to my list of 50 things is to make 30 meals in one day.  One of the things that help keep my sanity during the busy work week, is preparing meals ahead of time.  Most Sundays, I spend a part of that day prepping meals that I plan to make later in the week.  I’m big on the use of the crockpot and spend most of my free time searching for recipes online.  Pinterest is great.  I even set up a board just for frozen meals and make ahead meals.

I usually prepare 2-3 meals a week on Sunday.  I love being able to dump everything in the crock pot and heading out.  There is nothing better than coming home to the smell of something yummy fully cooked in the slow cooker.  The more I read and prepare these meals, the more I want to prepare more!

I’d love to prepare a month worth of meals in one day.  I know it’ll save me money in the long run and time.  Talk about the time it’ll save me!  First I just need to find at least 15 meals (figure we can have repeats) that my family loves.  After I figure out the meals, I need to make a grocery list, get all the items I need, make sure I have plenty of freezer bags and a sharpie and go for it.  Currently, I’m searching for my 15 meals.  I have even set up a pinterest board to keep track of some of my favorite meals.  I’m excited, as I normally am, when I decided to take on a new challenge. While I’m searching, I will post some of my family’s favorites here.

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