Stitch Fix #2


October 11, 2013 by CJ

I got my October fix just the other day.  Unlike last month, I really had a dilemma when it came to which items I would keep.


My box when I opened it up


41Hawthorn Basket Weave Circles Long Necklace

 I loved this necklace as soon as I took it out of the package.  Before I looked at the price, I put it away with my other jewelry.  Fortunately, its in my price range!


41Hawthorn Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse

When I tried this on, I actually liked it.  None of the pictures I took really showed how awesome this blouse is.  My only issue with it, is my own problem.  I didn’t like the way it looked at my belly.  I had it in the keep pile, thinking if I only lost an inch or two it would look perfect.  BUT, I have a closet full of clothes that would look perfect after a few pounds or inches are lost.  I promised myself I would not buy any more clothes for future me.  I need clothes for today me.  With that said, this blouse has to go back.


Ravel Rafaella Geo Print tie-Neck Blouse

Was not a fan of this in the box.  But once I had this on, I was in love!  The fit, the feel, everything!!  This is what I’ve been looking for.  Perfect for work, but still feeling like me.  I just wish I could tie that bow the way it was in the box.  A definite keeper.


41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top

If I had another day, I’m sure I’d talk myself into this shirt.  I like it…I think.  I didn’t like any pictures I took of myself in it…I’m really torn about this.  I haven’t sealed my return package yet, anything is possible.


41Hawthorn Fit & Fare Tank Dress

I fell in immediate love with this dress, then I tried her on.


My hand looks usually large in this picture. A HUGE part of my wants to remove the pic, but I’m going to let go of my hand insecurities.

It just did not contain me.  Notice my right (your left) upper arm.  I’m not a fan of the spillage.  This is a dress I would have kept in the past thinking, it’ll be perfect when…  But again, I’m not doing that anymore.  As much as it saddens me, I have to return this one.

While I am only keeping 2, maybe 3 items this time, I am very very pleased with the box.  It has inspired me to get back on track with my workouts, so I can fit into those items I really love.  Two thumbs up!

Do you subscribe to Stitch Fix?  What did you think of your box this month?

8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #2

  1. Amber Writes says:

    Love that dress! Good job saying no to the items that “would fit if…”. That’s so hard to do! I haven’t tried Stitch Fix, but I may at some point. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • CJ says:

      Thanks for stopping by. If you do try it, I can’t wait to know your thoughts. For me it’s perfect. It was difficult to return that dress. I noted to them, that I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. 🙂 Going for that run now! 😉 I

  2. I’m glad you found some items you liked, and good for you for sticking with your convictions about the others! Thanks for linking to my blog post! I had so much fun with my first Stitch Fix!

    • CJ says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I love sharing other great posts on similar subjects. Sticking to my guns is not easy, but I am thankful that I did. I’m hooked on Stitch Fix

  3. Lisa says:

    You are the first person I have seen ‘talk’ about stitchfix that wasn’t a size 0 to 2. Thank you! I am in your category. Normal every day knocking on 40 woman who wishes my tummy were alittle flatter and that my chest/arms fit in that oh so perfect dress just a tiny bit better. I really needed to see someone who wasn’t trying on skinny jeans from their box to feel good about trying stitchfix out. I started a new job after 6 years at home and rebuilding the work wardrobe has been a challenge. You have made me feel better about the service! Thanks for the post.

    • CJ says:

      You are very welcome! I had similar questions about Stitch Fix before I decided to go for it. I was definitely struggling when it came to finding work clothes that I felt comfortable in and looked professional after living in sweats and tshirts for so many years. I’ve accepted that I will not fit into any pants they may send my way, I think I’ve requested they not even try that (maybe one day). I use the cards that come with each item to pick out appropriate bottoms. But it is a great service for tops, dresses and accessories for those of us that aren’t a size 2. Good luck and I’d love to hear about your fixes.

  4. […] love anything in your box.  Since this was the first time this has happened (my other fixes- 1 and 2), I am not thinking about cancelling my subscription.  I did adjust it, so I will not be getting […]

  5. […] fell in immediate love with this necklace.  The last necklace I received in my 2nd fix has been a go to piece for me.  No question, this is a […]

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