Babydoll Nails


October 3, 2013 by CJ

#48 on my list of 50 things, is grow my nails out.  That may sound like a pretty simple, silly thing for some people.  For me…it’s not.  I have the most brittle, weak, breakable nails.  The only time they grow is when I keep them polished.  I did this all the time, pre-children.  I received a manicure weekly.  I had beautiful, long, healthy nails.  But anyone who has ever made the decision to go from two incomes to one, for the sake of their children, knows some of life’s luxuries need to be cut back.

Reluctantly, I cut back after the twins were born.  It made perfect sense to me, since I constantly had diaper rash cream or other (not so fun) stuff under my nails.  My long nails just seemed kinda gross to me.  Without the weekly manicures or polish they broke and peeled and just never went anywhere.  My good friend called them baby-doll nails.  You ever look at the hand of a doll?  That’s what my nails are like.

I decided it was time to put a little effort in my nails.  It’s really not that complicated.  I don’t have run out and get a manicure at a spa.  I just needed to take a few minutes and do my nails, on a regular basis.  My plan is once a week.  A base coat, two coats of color (thanks to Julep and Birchbox, I have tons of new colors to try) and then top coat.  Maybe I’ll add a scrub or some special lotions to soften the cuticles sometime in the future.  But for now, I’ll keep it simple and see what happens.


Not the best nail job, but you get the picture

Isn’t is a beautiful color?  In case you were wondering it’s called Lacey, from my August Julep box.  I love staring at them in all their blue shimmer, even if they resemble the hand of a baby doll.

One thought on “Babydoll Nails

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