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September 5, 2013 by CJ

I was wandering through the internet some time ago and came across a new (to me) subscription box, From the Lab. Never heard of it? Me neither. I did some research (googling From the Lab box reviews) and everything seemed on the up and up so I went for it. From their site they say what they do is provide new beauty products to the consumer, a full 30 day supply (or full size in subscription talk), prior to the products hitting the shelves.

“Utilizing our incredible team of advisors, which includeDr. Howard Maibach, Chairman of Dermatology at UCSF, and Dr. Karl Lintner, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Cosmetic Sciences, we’ve gained access to the top beauty research labs in the world. In private, closed-door meetings we’re shown tomorrow’s newest beauty breakthroughs. Then we select the most exciting products that will enhance your beauty like nothing on the market today.”

Now, I don’t know all the details nor do I completely understand how it works, but keeping the conversation real here- I just wanted to try something different and this fit my criteria. What are my criteria?

  1. Under $30. This is only $25.90, including shipping. With the multiple boxes I belong to, I needed to create a max spend
  2. Bang for my buck. From what I read, most feel like it’s worth the money. I think I was feeling a little over the foil sample packs and wanted to try something different
  3. Overall not pushing me over my allotted monthly budget for subscription boxes.

My first box came and I received Hair Mask # 718 along with very detailed information about this cream conditioner. I want to add, that I did not fill out a survey or anything, so how they knew I love and I’m constantly on a search for moisturizing treatments, I don’t know. But this is what I received.


Beautiful presentation


Packed very well. No leaks or spilling. I don’t think it moved at all during shipment


  My initial thoughts on this is lukewarm.  I would never spend $25.00 on a hair mask.  Or would I?  If it does something special to my hair, would I do it?  That’s a tough question.  I’m excited about trying a high-end product on my hair.  I will definitely let you all know if this is worth it.

One thought on “From The Lab

  1. […] far in all of my previous boxes (September and October) I received just one item.  The box costs $19.95 + $5.95 shipping and handling.  I […]

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