Goal Check for August

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September 1, 2013 by CJ

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  I feel like August was a good month for me, so why not.

  1. Exercise at least 3 days a week– I did even better than that!  Early in the month I decided to do a 30 minute workout for 30 days straight, 30 Days of 30.  While I haven’t been perfect, I’ve worked out more than I have in a very long time.
  2. Get a facial or massage at least once every 6 weeks– Of all the things I’ve promised myself, this one fell through this month.  With vacations, travelling and schedule conflicts, I was not able to get a facial this month.  Totally blows, but I’ll make up for it next month.
  3. Run faster– I’ve stopped running, so this is also a bust.  BUT, before you shake your head and worry about my running goal, DON’T!!  The past (almost 30) days of workouts has left me feeling stronger and ready to start running again.  I am looking forward to strapping on my running shoes and hitting the pavement in September.
  4. Blog at least once per week– August 2013 was one of my most active blogging months since I started this blog!!  Not only have I been blogging more, my site hits have skyrocketed.  Honestly, did not know there was so much interest in subscription boxes.  I can’t say I will always post about them, but writing about these boxes got me sitting in front of my laptop again, got me excited about writing and my brain thinking.
  5. To embrace the natural me – I finally got a post in about my turn to natural hair.  Yeah me!!  Now to start posting about my daily and weekly hair ups and downs.  Ready for that drama?

I cannot complain about this month.  I feel as though I got a lot accomplished and it’s left me excited and wanting to do more.  I want to continue working out and keep blogging.  I went through a period where I didn’t feel like sharing anything.  I believe I am over that hump and ready to roll!!!

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