I Blinked and She’s Gone

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August 30, 2013 by CJ

This post captured so many of my feelings. The first day my kids went off to middle school I was brought back to their first day of kindergarten. Unlike kindergarten, they didn’t want to hold my hand or have me walk with them. I wasn’t even allowed to pick out the clothes for the first day. What I love about this post is how it reminds us parents, moms and dads just how fleeting the craziness of parenthood is. I try to remind myself that one day I’ll miss doing their laundry and buying bread in bulk…one day.


I sent my baby to Kindergarten on Monday.

I sent my little girl to Kindergarten.

I sent THIS little bundle of love to Kindergarten.


How is that possible?  It was a blink ago, I promise.  It’s not that she is really “gone,” obviously, but it is the first of many steps in letting go.  You hear it all the time.  Cherish each day; it goes so fast.  But when you’re in the middle of it, it doesn’t feel fast.  The lonely nights from 1-5 am, feel like they’re never going to end.  The hour before my husband gets home seems to drag with the kind of steady defiance reserved for acts like putting their shoes on when I am in a hurry or picking up their rooms, one lego at a painful time.  And yet I took my baby to Kindergarten Monday.

She has always operated at her own pace. …

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