My Phone Case for the Next 30 Days


August 27, 2013 by CJ

Thanks to following My Subscription Addiction, I found out about Phone Case of the Month subscription service. What it is, is a service that sends you a new, beautiful, quality case each month for $10.00. I don’t know about you, but have you priced a case recently? I did. I was out school shopping with my daughter and she begged me for a case for her ipod. $21.00 later, she had a colorful, plastic thing that looked like it’ll break if hit the wrong way.

When I saw this program, how could I say no? I love to switch up my case and most cases I have seen cost upwards of $15.00 and they aren’t even good quality cases. Phone Case of the month cases are “…made of Poly Carbonate and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) with a silicone coating for a soft to the touch feel. Printing is done using a water transfer printing technology for a seamless edge to edge print. The cases are low profile and do not have a lip on the top edge of the phone.” -from their site. In other words, they are sturdy, feel soft, and look awesome.

I was super excited to get my case. After receiving my tracking number and estimated delivery date, I made multiple trips to my mailbox like a kid waiting for Santa. When I did get the package, it did not disappoint.


When I opened the package, this is what I found.  A flier offering a back to school discount, $5.00 off the first month if you use back2school.  A cute little pouch that held my new case and a letter to me, the newbie.


Once I opened the pouch, I was thrilled to see my new case for the next 30 days, Love Birds.  Isn’t it adorbs?!?!  I’ve received multiple compliments since I popped this baby on my phone.  I wish I could let you feel it.  It is so soft and smooth to the touch, LOVE IT!!  Not only did the pouch include my case it also included a little paper about the theme.  It included a hash tag that I can use if I decide to tweet, facebook or instagram.

If you are interested in trying out this service, use this link and get $5.00 off!

Have you tried it?

What was your case?

3 thoughts on “My Phone Case for the Next 30 Days

  1. Yay – glad to see you liked your case too! 🙂

  2. […] It arrived in this cute little pouch, which is now home to my old case. […]

  3. […] Case of the Month before.  So far I’ve received 5 cases from them (including this month).  August, September, October and November, all quality, sturdy, excellent, limited edition […]

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