Love With Food August Box $5.00 off!!


August 25, 2013 by CJ

The box that started my obsession is Love With Food. Depending on what plan you purchase it can cost $10-$12 per month. What do you get? Eight-plus gourmet foods AND to top it all off, for each box you purchase they will donate a meal to a hungry child. How can you say no to that?

I don’t keep track of the monetary value of my Love With Food box, I just want items that my family is willing to try and things we will purchase in the future. This month was a hit!!!

Think you may be interested in trying Love With Food? Use this link: Love With Food and save $5.00 off your first box. This is valid until 8/31/2013


I get sooo excited when I see this box


My Box!

I love it when a subscription box is full, and this one was packed!


Over spring break last year the we took the kids to New Orleans. While we were there we discovered their pralines and I’ve been in love since. I was really excited to get Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines. Always nice to get something that brings back great memories and is absolutely yummy too!


Organic Bops Sea Salt potato Crisp – I could barely snap the photo before my daughter wanted to devour these. Oven baked, organic, 65% less fat…I mean seriously, who can complain about that?


Dizzy Pig BBQ Rub – When I saw this I immediately wanted to try it. I picked up some pork chops from the store and went at it. It was delish!! The kids had seconds, and that does not happen all that often in my house. I got complaints that I didn’t make enough! My husband looked through the brochure and said he wanted to try Jamaican Firewalk. I cannot wait to try that on slow cooked chicken. Mmmmmmm!!!


Rip van Wafels – Now this is a new item to me. The instructions say to place the wafel over your coffee (on the rim of your mug), while it’s too hot to drink and it’ll soften up. You can even dip it in your drink. I wasn’t all too sure about this and I LOVED it! What made it even better is that it’s all natural, no trans fat and no preservatives, YUM!!!


Sahale Snacks– To me this is a perfect middle of the day, I have the munchies snack


El Pinto All Natural Salsa– I am a salsa lover. My favorite late night snack is chips and salsa. This is perfect!


Snapea Crisp– If you are craving something salty, crunchy and good for you, this is it.  I came home from work with the munchies and this quenched it.  Low sodium and a good source of fiber too, all smiles here.


Sugar Free Fresh Mints – Sugar free mints, really that was all I needed to read.  I tossed these into my purse, because we all know there will come a time when mints are a must.

This box is a hit! We, if not just me, will eat everything in the box and will purchase more!  So far, this is the best Love with food box I have received.

Don’t forget, if you are interested in trying Love with Food, use this link: Love With Food and save $5.00 off your first box. This is valid until 8/31/2013

2 thoughts on “Love With Food August Box $5.00 off!!

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