Day 20 of 30

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August 23, 2013 by CJ

As this challenge comes to an end (10 days left), I figured it was time to reflect.

So far I’ve missed just one day of working out and I actually felt bad about missing that day.  I admit, most days I don’t wake up with an overwhelming desire to workout, but I have yet to regret doing it.  I use to always run in the morning and just preferred early morning workouts, or so I thought.  With this challenge, I’ve done most of my workouts in the evening, after work.  And yes dinner is often late and sometimes they (husband and kids) have to help out, but I really enjoy my evening workouts.  I find that I eat less and sleep like a baby!  I’ve also mixed things up too.  I do video workouts (still loving the 30 day shred, even though it’s going to take me 60 days to complete it), along with playing racquetball with my husband (thank goodness he is patient with me), and walking with my children.  As long as I do it for 30 minutes and get my heart rate up, I’m happy.

I don’t know if I have lost a pound or even an inch, but I feel stronger, walk with a bit more confidence and overall I feel better about myself, and that is all that matters.  Right?

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