My August Curl Box


August 21, 2013 by CJ

I signed up for Curl Box, around the time I decided to transition from relaxed (chemically straightened) hair to naturally curly. I signed up because I am addicted to subscription boxes and mainly because I felt overwhelmed with all the hair care options out there. There are just so many products, all claiming to do something, I think I need. And for each of these products there are at least two videos on YouTube, saying good and negative things. I felt, the only way to discover what I needed for my hair would be to try various products until I figured out my routine. When I heard there was a subscription box for hair, I was all over it. My biggest issue with CurlBox in the cost $20.00 + $5.00 shipping. Are the boxes worth $20.00?


A great info brochure, noting this month’s theme- Get over Hair Hangover


A very full box, but at first glance, I’m not feeling it’s worth what I paid for it.


Hawaiian Silky Hydrating Sleek Edge– This is for edge control and fly-aways.  I will use this and this is full size. Value $4.99


Hawaiian Silky Hydrating Sleek Healing oil treatment- I will try this, I’m always up for an oil treatment. Value- $0.00 Free sample

Organic Hair Energizer– A hair growth booster- Now, who wouldn’t want to try something that will encourage hair growth?  I’m in.  Value- $1.00?

Curl Keeper– A water-based, weightless serum that keeps curls shiny, defined and frizz-free.  If you read my Birchbox review, you will see I just got this sample from them too.  I was debating if I was going to purchase the full-size, so it’s nice to get another sample to double check if I like it. Value $2.18


Hair Rules Conditioner and Hydrating finishing cream Value $6.75 total


Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker– I’ve heard good things about this product, I’m looking forward to trying it. Value $2.00


African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner- This is another one of those items I’m sure I’ll use.  Not sure I would have ever looked at before getting it in my box.  Value $2.99

I paid $25.00 for this box and the value is approximately $19.91.  While $5.00 is for shipping, I wanted this box to have a value of at least $20.00.  .09 cents, isn’t that bad.  BUT, I think it could be better.  While it’s nice to get a box full of affordable items, I would prefer to get some things I can’t easily find at a local hair store.  Since it’s so close, I’m willing to give Curlbox another try.  How about you?  Were you happy with this month’s box?

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3 thoughts on “My August Curl Box

  1. I think I would have felt a bit hard done by too. If you couldn’t easily get the products in the box then if you found something you liked you may not be able to source it again, so maybe that is a good thing. I am not sure that it encourages you to keep subscribing though…..

    • CJ says:

      I’m on the fence with my hair subscription boxes. I feel as if I find something I like I can always get it again online, at least I hope. I like finding and trying new things. But I think I’d save money if I just went out each month and picked up a couple items I’m curious about, instead of getting a box of surprises.

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