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August 1, 2013 by CJ

Typically, around this time of the month I post about the progress I am making on my goals for this year. I’m not going to do that this month. I haven’t been running, and that left me feeling down. I was shocked to see how much I missed it. I started doing other cardio workouts, but nothing that is as freeing and simple as running. I don’t really want to post about what has me feeling bad. Rather, I’d like to post about the things that I’m enjoying.

In a previous post I wrote about being addicted to subscription boxes and I hate to admit, I’m still hooked. I need to cancel a few…I really do, it’s getting ridiculous. I’ve noticed that I get a box, look through it, then put it aside. Most times there are things in there that I want to try, but just never get around to it. I’m hoping if I blog about the boxes I receive, take the time to determine the actual value of the items in each box, maybe then I can decide which one is for me and which isn’t. I figured since I’m doing this and have been neglecting my blog, I should share this obsession with you.

First up is Julep. I discovered their site awhile back. This is a subscription nail polish box. You go onto their site, take a quick survey about what you like, and then they will recommend colors for you. Now with this service, you get an email every month letting you know your color palette is ready for you to view. You can keep the colors they pick for you or switch it up. They also offer other add ons at a reduced rate that you can purchase during this time. If you decide you don’t want anything that month you can decline the box (one of the reasons I like this so much).

When I received my email from Julep I decided I liked the colors offered (the basic box is $19.99) and opted to purchase one additional polish for $4.99. What did I get for $24.98?


Pretty box


Open box. Must say I’m liking so far. Sometimes the presentation wins me over


When I picked these 2 colors, I thought they were flat colors. I planned on giving them to my daughter.


Lacey and Bea (Value $14.00 each). When I opened Lacey up I saw it had a slight shimmer to it. I fell hard in love with this color.


Julep Doublestep Foot Treatment & Friction Stick (Value $22.00) “A unique formula that creates a barrier between your feet and shoes to reduce friction and stomp out blisters.” Will definitely put this to use.


Now this is my go to type of color for my nails. Something neutral with shimmer. LOVE!!


Lois. This was my extra item for $4.99. On the site now, it’s selling for $14.00


My August colors!!!

Overall, I really love this box.  One of my 50 things is to grow out my stubs that I call fingernails.  What better way to do this then to have great colors to play with delivered to my door!!

Think you may be interested in Julep? Use this code: Freebox, to get your first box free. Have you tried it already? Let me know your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Julep Nail Subscription Box

  1. violinkeri says:

    I got Lacey and Bea also, and I LOOOOVE them. I too am addicted to subscription boxes and have the best intentions with regards to blogging…but then life gets in the way and I get sooo backed up!

    • CJ says:

      What great colors!! I know the feeling about blogging. I’m hoping if I write about my current obsessions I can get back into the swing of blogging regularly again. 🙂

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  3. […] is a beautiful color?  In case you were wondering it’s called Lacey, from my August Julep box.  I love staring at them in all their blue shimmer, even if they resemble the hand of a baby […]

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