Couponing, Bad Drivers, Candy and other thoughts


January 26, 2013 by CJ

Not a month into the New Year and I’ve become a blog slacker. It’s funny, because it’s not because of lack of writing, it’s because of lack of posting…let me explain.

Last year I noticed many of my ideas seem to come together when I was not able to hop onto my computer. They seem to come to me while in the shower, driving, grocery shopping or some other similar activity. I’d come up with an idea and think it all through from beginning to end, with funny insights, witty jokes and end it all with a meaningful, yet thought-provoking words. Once I sat down to type up my soon to be “Freshly Pressed” masterpiece, I would not be able to string together two words, let alone two sentences. I decided to a way to work through this problem would be to utilize a voice recording app. I downloaded one and before I knew it, I was rambling away. Unfortunately, I quickly realized my problem.

While it seemed to me that I was working through my blog post, in my head, and coming up with fascinating stuff, the truth is…I wasn’t. My thoughts, ideas and super comic timing, just ended up being a rambling disorganized mess. Once I began listening to my recordings I’d hear whatever it was that got me thinking, for example: Extreme Couponing, should I try it? I’d begin with why it’s good, why I don’t do it and somehow I’d end up on some other subject, bad drivers, music or lack thereof on the radio, texting while driving. You name it I was going on and on about it, with nothing about coupons. When it comes to staying on subject, I have the attention span of a gnat.

My goal to post once a week is going to require that I spend a few more minutes deciphering my own thoughts. I like the idea of using the voice recorder, sometimes. At least, I am able to keep track of some future blog posts ideas. Maybe each post won’t be as put together as I’d like, but it’ll get out there and in the end, that’s all that really matters.


While I was typing this up, my kids came home from a birthday party, each with gallon sized ziploc bags full of candy.  I literally began writing another post about how much candy is too much at birthday parties.  I’m back now…slightly more focused.  I may need medication.


Who gives this much candy to children??

I must say THANK YOU to another blogger, Saving my Belly Button Ring, who reminded me that there are people out there that actually like my blog.  She writes: Great blog that I also follow and highly recommend. 🙂 Thanks a million!!


3 thoughts on “Couponing, Bad Drivers, Candy and other thoughts

  1. I have the same issue with blogging. I think of great ideas to blog about but when I get home and sit down to type, I either forget what I was going to blog about or I don’t have much to say. Lol. I have found that I make a little post in my phone of when I think of something I want to blog about, I write it down and I write a few little notes right then so that I don’t forget.

    HOLY MOLY that is a TON of candy!!! Good grief!

    I will start following this other blog. It looks like a fun blog. 🙂

  2. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    For me, this was well worth the wait .Thanks for hooking me up a post from you! 😉 And I was all set to post a comment well before I got to the part where you mentioned my blog. Thank you.

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