#14 Among Other Things

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August 18, 2012 by CJ

Earlier in the week my sister contacted me. She wanted to get the kids together before school started. A perfect chance to cross yet another thing off my list! Not exactly. First I was absolutely worn out from my run (see below) and second, lunch/dinner with her kids, my kids, our dad and her husband doesn’t exactly induce silly girl stories and giggles. But it was a meal with my sister, a chance to see my ever-growing nephews and time to sit and relax with family.

I picked up my birthday present yesterday. What did I get? My very own Garmin!! I’ve been wanting one for a while, but wasn’t sure if I actually needed all that the Garmin offered. The reality is, I don’t. Like many Americans, my wants, needs and desires are all mixed up.


This morning my running group met up at a local park for a 5-7 mile run. To top the morning off, my husband even joined me! Before we started off, he told me he was going to stay with me. His goal was to help me run for as long as my legs would carry me. And he did…for the first mile. But right around mile one, he had that look in his eyes and I gave him the ok to run as fast as he needed. I made it about another quarter-mile before the screaming in my brain got so loud, I was forced to stop and walk for a bit. I eventually completed 6 miles. It wasn’t pretty. But once it was over I was extremely happy. I thoroughly enjoyed uploading my run to my computer and staring blankly at a bunch of graphs I didn’t understand.

Not a real Garmin graph. But easily could have been one, it’s how they looked to me.

All in all, from the immortal words of Ice Cube, “Today was a good day”


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