It’s not my fault

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August 17, 2012 by CJ

As a parent I hear those words a lot.  So much so, I cringe saying them myself.  But I have to be honest here, day 4 of writing a post for the next 30 days and I missed it.  I’ve been fighting a cold all week and last night, I just passed out.  I only made it 3 days in a row.  How pitiful is that?  I’ve realized a few truths about my writing.  I need time.  I need time to think, to machinate, to work.  Excuses, I know.  The adult in me says, suck it up, accept this bump in the road and move on.  But the child in me needs to explain, needs to point fingers so everyone understands very clearly that it’s just not my fault!

I blame:

  • My Kids- it’s their fault I am sick.  Have children in your house?  Strange illnesses will follow
  • My husband- he saw me passed out in a drug induced coma and didn’t wake me and remind me I had to write.  When I mentioned this to him this morning he mumbled something about it not being in his best interest to wake me…as if I’m grumpy or something when someone wakes me from a very nice sleep…as if!
  • Facebook-  If facebook didn’t take up such a large part of my day, I would have started writing my post much earlier and had it completed before my head hit the pillow.
  • My employer- if that company didn’t require that I devote 8 hours to them and only them…How am I supposed to get anything done???
  • The Blogs I follow- if those writers weren’t so dang interesting or thought provoking, I wouldn’t care so much about my own writings.  I would throw together a couple of sentences and call it a day.  But NOOOO, some people out there take time to write their blogs, they make them interesting, funny, insightful…WTF!!  How can I be intentionally mediocre, when there is so much great writing out there??

I think I mentioned most of those that aided in my missing day 4.  I’m sure there are others, I’ll save them for the next day they force me to miss.  30 days is a friggin long time!

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