And the Training Begins


July 7, 2012 by CJ

One thing I did not do while on vacation is move with any speed.  I didn’t run and I didn’t go into the state-of-the-art gym offered at the resort.  I packed my running shoes, workout clothes, had all kinds of intentions.  I walked past the gym…straight to the restaurant or bar.  I looked in it.  It did look nice.  I even saw a guy running the paths around the property one day, I was in the pool.  After watching him I felt the need to order another drink.  If it wasn’t for the hot Caribbean sun, requiring me to roll over every so often, I wouldn’t have moved much at all.

Back to the real world- today I began half marathon training.  First up, a long run 4-6 miles.  On the schedule provided we were supposed to start at 7am.  But an email was sent out earlier in the week, moving the time to 6am, because of the heat.  I’ll admit, I was scared and a bit worried about running after such a long glutinous break.  I was worried I’d get kicked out of the group, for being so slow.  I did say I could run 3 miles without stopping, I can could.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it again one day.  There was a small part of me slightly thankful for signing up for the group.  I’m pretty positive if left to my own devices, I would have put off training for another week or three.

I was up at 5am and by the time I hit the meet-up point @ 6, it was a humid 70 degrees.  Our coach required that we all bring our own water, even with water provided along the run.  I really didn’t think it was necessary…then I started to run.


The first mile and a half wasn’t all that bad.  There was a slight breeze and I was feeling pretty good.  Then there was a hill.  I pushed through, earned the downhill, as they say.  Then there was another hill, and then another.  What kind of crazy neighborhood was this??  Why all the stupid hills?  Who designs such a place?  With the heat and my lack of movement for the last week, I slowly completed 4.61 miles.  I got what I wanted from  the group.  When I felt as if I couldn’t run anymore, they were there to motivate and get me to the end.  Afterwards we sat around, stretched, and exchanged a few running stories.  So far, I like the group.  I didn’t feel like an oddball, no one teased me because I was slow and perspired way more than the average person (in my opinion).

My Homework for this week:

Sunday: 20 min easy run

Monday: 3 miles or x-train

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Track Work

Thursday: 30 min tempo run

Friday: Off or x-train

Saturday: Long Run 5-7 miles

AND I need to work on my diet.  I know to be a stronger, faster runner, I need to supply my body with better fuel.  Buh- bye McDonalds and hello vegetables, baked chicken and fish.

4 thoughts on “And the Training Begins

  1. Haha! I loved the observation from the pool. How often do you get to go on vacation – you know? Now you’re back hitting the pavement – no harm, no foul! Good luck with training!

  2. A bubble of snapshots of my life. says:

    Hihi! Me too, I always take my running shoes on my holidays, but they never get out the bag…Good luck with picking up the training again (I should taking example on you by the way…)!

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