Zooma Zoom Zoom – My Second 10k


June 9, 2012 by CJ

My second 10k is done. It was tough, but I completed it feeling 100 times better than my first 10k.

This race is part of the Zooma race series.  This particular event combined a 10k and half-marathon.  One day I’d love to do the half…one day.

My alarm went off at 415a. The race started at 7 and the info packet said all racers had to be there by 6a. I decided not to bring my husband and kids as cheerleaders. I don’t know about your family, but having to wake up at 4a, wait around for at least an hour for the race to begin and then wait another hour and a half (maybe more) for me to finish, would not make very cheerful cheerleaders. The night before I packed a “breakfast” to eat once I arrived at the race site. Once dressed and I had all my needed running things (fully charged iphone, gu gels and chews, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and frozen coconut water) I was on the road. The directions the race provided in the packet was spot on and I’m horrible with directions. Once I turned down the road toward the parking lots, there was plenty of signage.

The race start was at the beautiful Navy Marine Corps Stadium. Once I arrived (around 545a) and parked, I ate my sandwich and tried to relax. I couldn’t sit for long, so I got out of the car and walked around and took a few pictures.

Right outside the gates of the stadium

The post race activities were inside the stadium, but I was too preoccupied with other things and neglected to take pictures

I did not take a picture of the wall of port-a-potties they had set up and even more awesome in my mind were the portable sinks they had set up outside of the potties, how ingenious!!

The race began promptly at 7am. What I knew going into this, but didn’t want to acknowledge was Annapolis is hilly. Not even 1 mile into the race I encountered my first hill.  And these hills were not the simple gradual inclines I run regularly, but the m-effers were serious straight up hills!! I decided since I had not practiced hills (a promise to the hubby not to push myself until I get the ok from the doctor) I’d walk up the super steep ones, and run down all of them.  When I started running I immediately felt stiff.  It took awhile, maybe 2-3 miles before that finally left me.  I think standing around for the hour beforehand didn’t help (note to self, sit next time until the beginning of the race).

While my own personal cheering squad wasn’t there, I was cheered on the entire time by everyone around. The bystanders and fellow racers alike all helped push me along. If it were not for them I may have given up just as I hit mile 4. Right past the mile 4 marker sat the Naval Academy Bridge.

At the base of the bridge

To my right, it really was a beautiful day for a run…or slow walk up a bridge

The the Naval Academy.

I have driven over this bridge numerous times, but as any runner knows driving up a hill does not compare to running up one. About halfway down the hill was the turn around point for the 10k runners, while the half marathoners continued. I looped around and slowly trudged back up the bridge and finally down. The end of the race was right back where we started. I had to laugh to myself as I closed in on the finish line. Half-marathoners were flying past me! Here I am barely able to lift my legs to finish out 6.2 miles and people were running full speed past me to finish running 13.1 miles. I hope one day I can finish a half marathon in the time it takes me to now complete a 10k!

Upon completion of the race all participants received a necklace from Satya jewelry.

I walked around and picked up some new running gear, a new shirt and visor.

How can any mom that runs not love the apparel from Another Mother Runner? And then the real fun began. One of the sponsors of the race was Barefoot Wine.

I may have had a few glasses of wine

There is no better way to finish a race then with multiple glasses of wine!

As with all my races so far I learned quite a bit about myself during this one.

  1. I need to practice hills
  2. To run and maintain a faster pace, I need to join a running group
  3. I like 10k’s -While they are tough, no doubt about it, the length of the race gives me time to find my rhythm
  4. Hydration is key- The last 10k I ran, I was ready to pass out when I got to the finish line. Drinking plenty the day before and during my run (they had plenty of water stations with port-a-potties) made a huge difference. While I finished this race tired, I was not dehydrated and actually felt great!
Oh, I almost forgot, my goal pace of 14:30/mile did not happen. My average pace, according to Runmeter was 14:39/mile. I ran 6.47 miles (still figuring out the tangents) in a total time of 1:34:45. Am I upset about the 9 seconds? Upset, no. Slightly disappointed… I was, but not anymore. More than anything, I want to run another 10k and try again. But the next time, I’d train better and set my goal for 13.30/mile.

6 thoughts on “Zooma Zoom Zoom – My Second 10k

  1. Great job!! Sounds like a fun race. It sounds like you still finished strong. I’m proud of you.

  2. Good for you! Boy, you sure are dedicated to get up at 4 am! Yikes! But the morning has always been my favorite part of the day, so I get where you’re coming from. 🙂 Sounds like it was a wonderful day, and I so enjoyed how you started out this post — so fast-paced and full of energy, just like I’m imagining your run!

  3. Fantastic! Congrats on your accomplishment. I’m so glad you had fun. Here’s to the next one! 🙂

  4. […] year I ran Zooma 10k in Annapolis and loved it. It was a challenging and tough course, but I knew I could run it faster. This year […]

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