Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late


May 19, 2012 by CJ

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I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes. It was greatly appreciated. I am back to 100%. It took some time to get here.
I woke up last Saturday feeling really good. I decided to go for a light run just to see if I could do the Preakness 5k I signed up for just earlier in the week. I ran the first mile, stopped and walked for a few and did a quick check. I felt strong. I turned around and ran home. Even as I walked in the door I still felt fantastic. Then I sat down. All of a sudden any and all energy I had left in me seeped out. I put my head down and before I knew it I was fast asleep.  Unfortunately I didn’t make the Preakness 5k, but it’s on my list for next year.  I decided if a simple two-mile run took so much energy from me, running another 3 would be pretty tough.  The following day I got up early and ran 2.5 miles.  I felt really good after that and was able to enjoy my Mother’s day.

I’m slowly getting back in to my normal running routine.  I haven’t done a long run in a very long time.  My plan is to knock out 9 miles tomorrow.  At least that is my hope.

I went to my doctor for a follow-up this past week.  He wanted to see how I was doing with my blood pressure meds and go over the results from the echo cardiogram and  all the blood work and other body fluids collected last visit. According to my doctor, everything looks great. My blood pressure is down, not normal, but much lower.  My cholesterol, kidney function , lipids and other stuff are all fantastic.  And I dropped 10 lbs since the last visit!!!  My only problem is, I walked around with hypertension for at least a year.  That caused a slight thickening around my heart.  My doctor says since we found this so early and we are treating it, I should live a very normal, healthy life.  He said what he sees all to often are people coming to see him only after they begin having problems.

At some point in our adult lives many of us decide we should only see a doctor if we are in dire need.  Typically, if something bothers us we wait a day or more, sometimes a week maybe even longer.  We keep waiting, thinking time will make it go away.  That funny feeling in your knee, the never-ending headache, that odd rash on your arm, the stomach cramps that only happen after you eat…  I can’t deny it, I am was a part of this group.

It’s funny how life works out sometimes.  I had no intention of seeing my doctor.  I was running regularly and feeling pretty good.  The only reason I went to see my doctor was because my mother nagged.  I guess there is something to be said about a mother’s nagging.  I’ve been telling all my friends this story, so they can learn from it.  You may be feeling perfect, exercising, eating right, doing all the things you should be doing.  But genetics are a tricky bunch.  Sometimes you can’t outrun it, no matter what you may do.  If you haven’t had a physical or gone in for a check up in the last 12 months or have a problem that you think time will miraculously heal, please see your doctor.  It’s better to get a clean bill of health now, then wait until it’s too late.

One thought on “Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

  1. Dienna says:

    Glad that you are feeling better and are taking care of yourself.

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