To All Those I Follow


March 24, 2012 by CJ

Not in a creepy stalker way, but in that I get an alert whenever you post (I felt the need to explain my title, just in case some newby stopped by).



I’ve been meaning to email all of you to explain and apologize.  But since I’m kinda on the lazy side of things, a post seems easier. I just hope with all my comments on your blog, you one day come here and see this.  That all being said, let’s get down to it.

I’m sorry.  I have not been the best follower.  Why?  Same reason I don’t blog or do anything else I tell myself every morning I am going to do.  I’m tired!  I’ve been crazy busy at work (where I use to get quite a bit of blog reading done-only during lunch or break time of course) and while the kids sports schedules have slowed down, I still find myself with other things that require me to focus and pay attention (showering, grocery shopping, cleaning, driving…very hard to read while doing these things).

I am doing my very best to keep up with all of you.  I thought about unfollowing, but I just can’t.  All of you are just too good.  Your insights, inspiring words, humor…I need all of you in my life.  You guys are like my family (like an uncle the one that’s really funny and smart most of the time.  Everyone once in awhile he’ll say something odd or that you just don’t get.  But you don’t kick him out of the family for that.  You let it slide and wait till the next time).  I have been doing my best to stay away from Freshly Pressed and the Topics tag.  Those places are dangerous to a girl like me.  There is always someone new, funny, intriguing grabbing my attention and begging me to follow them.  I keep telling myself I will not go there until I have caught up with all the blogs I currently follow.  I think my biggest problem is I don’t like to skim over your writing.  I like to read it, kick my shoes off and get all up in your words, your descriptions and your pictures.  Love all of it.  Then once I’m done “getting all up in your business” most time I feel the need to comment.  I actually stop myself sometimes.  I don’t want to seem stalkerish or crazy.

If you are seeing new comments from me or likes on posts you wrote 3 -4 days ago, please know I plan to get current. I want to get up to date.  Right now I’m reading about how all of you spent your St. Patty’s Day.  Great stuff!  But by the time I get done, I’ll be reading about everyone’s Easter weekend.  I should be reading now, that was my plan.  But I’m having lunch with my girlfriends in a few and I’m ridiculously hungry…so focusing on your words is not a very easy thing for me to do.  Finishing this post is getting increasingly complicated too.

I’m sorry and I promise to get better.  I am officially braindead.

12 thoughts on “To All Those I Follow

  1. jinmontana says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I love it when I see that somebody is going back to read older entries in my blog. I don’t have very many followers yet, though so maybe that makes a difference.

    Anyway, I hope things calm down for you soon!

  2. ceciliamk says:

    I really enjoyed this, especially the part about holding back comments. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop 🙂 I also agree with jinmontana! Have a great lunch.

  3. mrmomman says:

    This may be the nicest thing I’ve ever read. It’s very kind of you to consider those whom you follow, and since I am among them, I say you have no need to apologize. Staying current with everything is difficult, and the fact that you make such a conscientious effort to keep up with everyone you follow, just shows that you don’t follow bloggers on a whim. Having multiple interests can really be time consuming.

  4. This post did catch my eye, and I’m glad. 🙂 But I would urge you not to worry about “keeping up” with the comments. While comments are the best part of blogging, they can definitely become a “duty” sometimes. And then all the fun is gone. Blogging needs to be fun! Exciting, rewarding — a chance to learn. Sounds like that is already your main focus, as you like to get lost in people’s words. I’d rather have one comment from you a month, that was nice or thoughtful, then a comment a day that reads, “Great post!” and nothing further added. (Which you’ve never done, I was just using that as an example.)

    That’s one reason why I prefer WordPress over Blogger. Here on WP, I’ve found the comments to be genuine, and from very nice people who really care, like you!

    • CJ says:

      Thanks for all the kind words. You are right, I shouldn’t feel like it’s a duty. To be honest I really don’t. But I do feel if I click the button to follow, I should make some effort to read. My husband and I are currently planning a kid free vacation (they are going to grandma’s house). All I can thnk about is all the sleep and reading I’ll get done. 🙂

  5. SAHMmelier says:

    That is the beaty of the internet. I often have a lot of catching up to do on blogs. They are there waiting for you. It should no be one more thing to do on your to-do list but an enjoyable escape whe you WANT to. Our writings are not going anywhere and I am just grateful that anyone EVER wants to read any part of anything I write. Deep breath and let go of any guilt!

    • CJ says:

      I think it’s the pre-mom in me, always wanting things to be completed. I am still getting over the fact that I can’t get all the laundry done in one day. Slowly learning to take a deep breath and let go of my guilt. Thanks for stopping by and reading. =)

  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Though I personally love your feedback, anyone on here would be foolish not to recognize that there are so many demanding things in life. Enjoy catching up!

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