A Change of Attitude


March 22, 2012 by CJ

As much as I don’t want to continually write about running, it’s kinda all I am doing outside of the normal sleep-mom-wife-work thing.  A few posts back I wrote  that I was frazzled about my lack of running and how slow I was going.  I was venting.  From that I received some great comments.  The one that really made me rethink things was from Tracey who writes the blog Stride and Joy  (fantastic blog, btw).  She reminded me that running should be fun.  How interesting is that?  Running and fun, oxymoron? She was right.  I decided that day I was no longer going to obsess about how fast I was going.  Instead of worrying about improving my pace I decided to work on improving my stamina.

Currently I am running on average 14min/mile.  That means,  if I keep that pace it’s going to take me about an hour and a half to finish a 10k.  What does that mean?  I need to increase the time I am running.  I not going to stress about finishing faster, I am hoping speed will come with time.  What I need to work on is being able to not pass out after 45 mins (currently my longest run time).  I like this new attitude I have.  I don’t feel the stress of all these races bearing down on me.  Instead I am excited.  I’m looking forward to getting up and running, not dreading it.  It’s funny how a few words can change your attitude and make things feel so much better.  One more thing, I think my blog is kinda dark looking.  I’m going to look for a new theme, something a little brighter. 🙂

Thanks Tracey!


9 thoughts on “ A Change of Attitude

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  2. jinmontana says:

    I agree. Running *should* be fun. If you’re not having fun, slow down, take more and/or longer walk breaks, etc.

    I’m no expert, but 45 minutes might be the right time for you to suck a hard candy or a gummy candy for a little energy boost. You don’t need gels or anything for a 10k, but giving your brain a few extra calories might help get you through that wall.

    Have fun! 🙂

  3. jinmontana says:

    Wait.. 10k or 10 miles? Or both? 🙂

  4. Keep going! Just getting back at it after a hip injury. Getting old is the worst.

  5. Yay! I am SO thrilled. That’s wonderful to hear. I completely understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by the speed part. I think working on your stamina/endurance is a great approach. I’m trying to do that too, although I am hit and miss. 🙂 But whatever the outcomes, happy running!!

  6. oceannah says:

    Word of wisdom CJ. Thanks for stopping by oceannah. Lovely blog here. I’ll be 49 soon, and can totally relate to following too many blogs and having too much to do.

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