Step Two: Run!!


January 15, 2012 by CJ

Yup I did it, step two. I ran…well, maybe more of a walk/run. My body was propelling forward and my arms were bent moving as if I was running. I woke up early Saturday morning, put on my running gear (sweats and one long sleeve t-shirt and a short sleeve on top of that), set my time to 30 minutes (run 15 minutes away from my house and then 15 minutes back) and went out.

For Christmas, my very awesome husband gave me the new iPhone 4s and a nifty little holder thing so I could

My Nifty iPhone holder thing

run with it. As I began my morning run I spent about a good 1-2 minutes adjusting my iPhone and getting it situated on my arm. I also utilize Nike + and have that little sensor thing on my shoe.

Nike+ Sensor

I like using that so I don’t have to worry about keeping track of the time, the kind Nike+ lady tells me. For my first run since sometime before Thanksgiving I decided I’d do a run/walk combo. I figured I’d run the first 5 minutes, then walk 2. Five minutes into my run, I felt great. I decided to change my plan and wait to do my walk at 10 minutes. At the 10 minute mark I looked up and see the end of the block was near. I decided I’d run to the end of the block and then walk for 5 minutes. I made it there and felt superb. I walked, checked out parts of my neighborhood I don’t typically see when I drive by and listened to some of my favorite tunes. I was feeling pretty darn good about myself. At the 15 minute point the sweet Nike+ lady reminded me I was at my halfway point and I turned around. I decided I’d walk back to the top of that block and then run the rest of the way home, seems easy enough, right?

I can’t tell you how long I was running before the questions in my head overtook the sound of my running playlist. What time is it? Is that a dog panting behind me? Is this thing working?  Why won’t that damn Nike + bitch stop talking? Is this the same block, it seems longer now? OMG, my knee hurts, did I tear my ACL?  Can I run on a torn ACL? If I can just make it to that tree, ok to that corner, ok to that crack in the sidewalk. I hear that dog again…wait…no, it’s me, I’m panting like a rabid animal. Is that an elderly man walking past me at a leisurely pace?

Then I just came to a stop. Why? To get to my house I have to run up a pretty steep hill. Once up that hill, I run another block and down a slight hill to my house. But that steep hill, that hill seemed a lot steeper then what I remembered. I walked the rest of the way home.

My Nemesis

My first run (run/walk) down, and it did not go as I had liked. How do I feel? I feel pretty good. Despite it not being the run I imagined, as I said on facebook after my run, it’s more than what I did yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Step Two: Run!!

  1. DrRachelRuns says:

    Keep it up! I tore my ACL and started from no fitness at all (walking across my house made me so tired I needed a nap) and it just takes time. You can do it!

  2. Stride & Joy says:

    Awesome job! The next one will feel better. Hills suck! Unless they are going down. 🙂

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  4. Very inspirational. I’ve got a bit of time before work, so running it is! Thanks!

  5. […] I rounded the corner, going down the hill I hate, I saw a car sitting there.  The engine was on, lights on, sitting in front of a house.  As I ran […]

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