That Old Grey Mare…


January 5, 2012 by CJ

  I noticed it this morning.  Sitting there staring at me while I brushed my teeth.  Leering back at me in my own mirror.  I had seen it there before, but today…today was the day I decided to get rid of it.  What was it?  A single grey hair.  That wicked little thing, that we all know will one day take over your head and scream at the world, “HEY LOOK OVER HERE!! I’M OLD!!!” 

  As I picked up my tweezers to pull this rascal out, I began to think about why it was bothering me so much.  I don’t think of myself as a vain person.  I rarely wear makeup, I typically don’t even style my hair.  I pull it back in a bun and call it a day.  I’m going to be 39 in August and I have never been ashamed or worried about announcing my age.  In all reality I look at it as a badge of honor.  Now this may have to do with being diagnosed with leukemia at age 8, I’ll get into this on another day and time.  But anyway, getting older has never been a hang up for me.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why seeing the occasional grey hair irritates me so much.  The more I think about it, maybe it has more to do with being seen as old and less to do with getting old.  When people look at me, I don’t think their first impression should be colored by my grey.  Maybe it’s the way I look at other people with grey hair.  I’m not 100% sure and don’t think I’ll come to the answer while I write this. 

  After I brushed my teeth this morning, I pulled my hair into a bun and stared into the mirror.  Not at my face, but my hairline, checking and re-checking for any more weeds.  As I stepped back and did an overall appearance check, I realized that this weed search will be a part of my daily routine.  One of those things that happens as you get older.  I was hoping this would happen later in life, but it is what it is. 

  You may be asking yourself the same thing I am now, “How does this relate to 50 things before I turn 50”.  By the time I turn 50, I imagine getting rid of my grey will require more than an early morning tweezers.  My hope, by the time I turn 50 is, I can wear my grey with the same badge of honor I wear my age.  Grey doesn’t make you are old, just as your age doesn’t necessarily make you old either.  It’s all a state of mind…well that’s what I’ve been told.

One thought on “That Old Grey Mare…

  1. oh, i love your tone in this!

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