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January 3, 2012 by CJ

Sounds simple enough, but the truth is when I first wrote it down it seemed impossible. Working full-time outside of the home, taking care of my husband and 10 years old twins all leaves very little time to read…or so I thought.

A few months back I was feeling overwhelmed. I felt over worked all around. I was passing out each night feeling stressed and just worn out. I needed to make some changes. One of the changes I made was taking a lunch. I use to always work through lunch, eating at my desk. Only occasionally would I venture out and away from my work. When I got home I would continue to work, trying to finish up as many things as I could. In between doing my own work I was helping the kids with their homework, making dinner, cleaning up and not doing any of it very well.

I decided that something had to give. I began taking a lunch. I don’t always even leave my desk, for example today it was snowing out, so I decided to stay in. I logged out of my computer. turned off my phone and read. I cannot tell you what a stress reliever this simple little act is each day. I’ve made other changes too, but taking the time to disappear into a good book is one of the easiest things one can do. Becoming wrapped up into a story, forgetting about everything around you…I look forward to it every day. You should try it, just a few minutes maybe a couple of times a week to start and before long, who knows, you may be taking an entire hour out of your day just for yourself!


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